Our Stupid Evil Political System

Yesterday Obama addressed “the state of the union.” Well, it’s fine. The 50 states are QUITE unified and solidly tied together. But as for the state of our society — and especially our government — THAT’S pretty wretched.

Our American society, culture, and civilization is very inferior to what it was during The Enlightenment and Age of Reason period of the late 1700s. The 1800s was a period of slow-but-steady ideological and civilizational decline. And the entire West ended up massively decadent and depraved by 1914 and WWII. The spiritual essence of our world was pretty much captured by Edvard Munch’s 1893 painting The Scream, and T.S. Eliot’s 1925 poem The Hollow Men.

Such is the result of poor philosophy! Such is the result of philosophy which mostly rejects reason, individualism, and liberty! The resultant and derivative culture and civilization is dismal and miserable. No one is happy.

And such is also the result of poor political science. The welfare state is KILLING us. The stupid, slimy right-wing conservatives and left-wing progressives of today are ignorant and depraved to the point of infinity. To even WASTE MY TIME criticizing President Obama’s speech to Congress yesterday is an INSULT to every reader. And it gives those clowns and jackasses WAY more credit than they deserve.

If anyone wants to improve (as it were) “the state of the union” and our socio-economic and political system, try this:

  • repeal Social Security
  • repeal Medicare
  • repeal Medicaid
  • repeal all forms of government charity such as Unemployment Insurance, Welfare, Food Stamps, Aid to Dependent Children, Section 8 Housing, etc.
  • privatize the roads
  • privatize the schools
  • privatize the parks, fire departments, garbage disposal, water supplies, etc.
  • privatize Sallie Mae and Freddie Mac
  • privatize the Federal Reserve and all money/tender
  • get rid of cable TV monopolies
  • legalize drugs
  • legalize prostitution
  • legalize gambling
  • uncensor broadcast media, such as radio and TV
  • etc.

The above is called FREEDOM. Also Natural Law, libertarianism, capitalism, laissez-faire, individual rights, the rights of man, life/liberty/property/privacy, liberty and justice for all, live and let live. Anybody heard of it? Didn’t THINK so!

When it comes to political science, all you people are dumb and debauched to the point of INFINITY. You love and practice assault, criminality, tyranny, and slavery without remorse or limit. And you’re especially dedicated to enslaving ME.

God, oh god, do I hate the fucking guts of every single one of you! I need some REVENGE!


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