General Fury Reflects

I think I’m going to retire the colorful and splenetic character “Gen. Fury.” Don’t worry — He (and I) still hate the fucking guts of every last one of you. We think you’re all VERMIN, and a type of species very different from our own. You know: wildly INFERIOR.  But I may have more fun and interest, commentary-wise, in spending more time and effort posting under my own name and identity.

Part of my intent in starting this charmingly-named blog, and creating this brazenly, hyperbolically, misanthropic character, was to carve out for myself a vast range of freedom of speech. The goal was to be able to say what I wanted, without repercussions from Planet Slimeball (Earth). As always, I sought safety and refuge from the appallingly-evil form of life known as humankind. But my voice is so distinctive that my hopes for long-term anonymity and pseudonymity were always about ZERO. I recognized this from the beginning. So long as I always told the truth as I saw it — an absolute sine qua non — I would forever and ineluctably be giving myself away.

One of my aboriginal ideas here came from the semi-great black conservative/libertarian Thomas Sowell. Recently this Earthly village elder stated: “There are only two ways of telling the complete truth — anonymously and posthumously.” What a shame and horror THAT is! What an indictment of humanity! But also maybe true.

However that may be, I still want to get back to posting under my own name — and to HELL with the personal consequences! The best of the Romans used to say: “Let the truth be told, though the heavens may fall.” Of course, the heavens will NEVER fall. But evil people, institutions, beliefs, and ideals might. After all: Truth is the most powerful force in the known universe.

So it’s probably back to slaying the evil human dragons under my REAL name, folks! Maybe I just need to raise my intellectual game here. Meanwhile: FUCK YOU ALL!


Black Devils

Blacks are stupid and evil. Their IQ and education levels are remarkably low, while their level of crime is shockingly high. They love political tyranny and slavery far more than any other group on earth. And they generally ruin every block, neighborhood, city, and country they take over.

And they’re appallingly and sickeningly bigoted, to boot. Their racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-semitism FAR exceeds that of whites, yellows, browns, etc. And they have the raw-bone nerve to constantly complain about bigotry against THEM!

But whites are virtually all cowardly worms and lying insects who never mention this gigantic problem. So to all you verminous white Uncle Thomases out there, I say: You DESERVE to have your quality of life radically lowered by the hordes of dumb, slimy, biased jungle-bunnies you allow in your communities. So stop whining about the “barbarians at the gate” and “gorillas in the midst.”

(p.s. The above comment got me BANNED from Facebook yesterday! What can I say to all you 1.3 billion Facebook users and fans out there but a vigorous and heartfelt FUCK YOU ALL!)

Evil Stupid ObamaCare

Why the hell do they call it the “Affordable Care Act”? How the fuck can the gov’t add tons of layers of bureaucracy and red tape to medical care and then think it’ll be more affordable? How can our semi-commie gov’t add infinite rules and regulations to the health system without it then becoming far more inefficient and expensive? The fact is, the more Big Brother takes over, the more ObamaCare doctoring will become like the Post Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Everybody fucking knows that!

Once Leviathan takes over completely, it’ll be like the Soviet Union. Health care costs will go way UP, and medical quality will go way DOWN. People will get sick and die in droves. But evil, stupid Welfare State-loving Americans — who vote 99% for Republicans and Democrats, and only 1% for Libertarians — really DESERVE this upcoming horror. So DIE all you liberty-hating, slavery-loving bastards. Die, die, DIE!

Income Equality

American President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and many other high political ignoramuses and lowlifes, have recently spent a lot of time talking about income inequality. But they ought to be talking about income JUSTICE. Or, at the least, income RAISES. Both of these are best achieved via laissez-faire capitalism or libertarianism or FREEDOM. The key point here is to finally and at long last get the gov’t to STOP fucking over the economy, and making everyone hideously poor thru Welfare Statist stupidity and depravity.

In our current conservative/progressive world of infinite lack of political knowledge — dominated by Keynesian, socialist dolts and devils like Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman — the only solution people have to the supposed problem of wage inequality is REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH. In other words, Marxist-based ROBBERY. Evidently, in today’s Dark Age era, theft isn’t theft so long as: 1) the gov’t does it 2) for do-gooder reasons 3) via democracy. Nice! The greatest geniuses and saints at Harvard, Sanford, and Oxford all beleive this, here on The Planet Of The Apes. And if I was a hideous reptilian insect creature who thought with his sphincter, maybe I would think that too!

But I’m not and I don’t. Unlike the rest of you hopeless nightmare deviants, I have both a mind and a character. Read it and weep, vermin!

The simple reality is the growth of the middle class and the consequent diminution of income equality, ever since the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s, couldn’t go on forever. Probably the current situation of growing wealth inequality — ever since the 1970s or so in the West — is both NATURAL and FAIR. Maybe we all now increasingly live in an Age of Specialization whereby those of high skills get relatively better rewarded than before, and those of virtually NO skills, who don’t really use their brain on their job, now no longer get the cushy-type, union-type, fat salaries of the past, while mindlessly installing a single lug nut on the left rear wheel of a car at an automobile factory. That never made sense anyway!

However that may be, people today need to REJECT the evil social and political ideals of egalitarianism and democracy in favor of the far nobler goals of wealth and progress, as well as of liberty and justice for all.

Playing Robin Hood, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and redistributing the wealth isn’t the answer, folks! Coercive collectivism and self-sacrificial communism aren’t proper social and political ideals, you filthy, wretched, tyranny-loving, slavery-deserving, subhuman jackasses!

The Superbowl

I think the Superbowl is a marvelous and heroic attempt to obtain individual and collective greatness. I think sports in general is a wonderful alternative to, and viable substitution for, crime and war. Athletic competition civilizes us. Especially if you have chivalry, good sportsmanship, and a noble code of ethics. And the tremendous effort and challenge involved in sports uplifts us. Sports in general, and the Superbowl in particular, aim at human excellence, and even transcendence.

And none of that wretched “Judeo-Christian ethic” or ethos of self-sacrifice is involved. No horrific and ghastly altruism or selflessness. Because the fact is when you sacrifice your Sacred Self you destroy everyone on Earth! Too bad all the philosophers since Jesus have misunderstood this. The Superbowl has nothing to do with any of that individual-destroying rubbish, thank Zeus and Wotan. The only thing on display there is social cooperation for mutual profit, right next to aspirations for PERSONAL GREATNESS.

I was mostly rooting for a good game: an excellent athletic display, and a dynamic, heroic struggle. The reason-inventing Greeks called this an agon. I was rooting for longtime-great Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos) and outspoken, indomitable Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks).   

I think it’s interesting that the home states of both of these teams (Colorado and Washington) are the ONLY states out of 50 which have recently legalized marijuana. Maybe the karma of being slightly pro-freedom in our evil tyranny-loving world reflected back upon the football cities of Denver and Seattle, and then helped propel their relatively civilized fans and teams into the Superbowl.

Minimum Wage Monsters

Minimum wage laws are acts of TYRANNY. They tell the worker that he can’t work where he wants, and the owner can’t hire who he wants, because of some depraved, fatuous, “do-gooder” law. This is the ENSLAVEMENT of both.

Minimum wage laws tell the laborer and boss that they can’t negotiate wages freely — Big Brother is going to forcibly butt in. All good-hearted, sweet-tempered, kindly folk with soft smiles and gentle manners who favor minimum wage laws need to be lined up against the nearest wall and then ruthlessly machine-gunned until their brains are spattered all over that wall. Maybe THEN they’ll be able to think coherently and rationally about this political issue.

It’s outrageous that we’re all still seriously considering and debating this issue. Along with rent-control laws, which are also tyranny, this paycheck-raising phenomenon should have been intellectually crushed at least 50 years ago. At the least, people need to read chapter 19 of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt (1978; available here free:

How absurd that people today think they can legislate prosperity. How pathetic and bizarre that people today think the gov’t can pass a law and make everyone rich. Gov’t, by definition, can only DESTROY wealth — not create it. Gov’t, buy its nature, can only DEPRESS the economy — not stimulate it. The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of mankind today is considerable.

Are people so irrational today in our current philosophical and cultural Dark Age that they think gov’t can pass a job-killing, money-burning law like this, and thus amend and improve upon the laws of economics? Do the vapid sheeple and decadent drones of today ALSO think Big Gov’t can repeal the laws of physics? Just how stupid and slimy ARE you people?