The Superbowl

I think the Superbowl is a marvelous and heroic attempt to obtain individual and collective greatness. I think sports in general is a wonderful alternative to, and viable substitution for, crime and war. Athletic competition civilizes us. Especially if you have chivalry, good sportsmanship, and a noble code of ethics. And the tremendous effort and challenge involved in sports uplifts us. Sports in general, and the Superbowl in particular, aim at human excellence, and even transcendence.

And none of that wretched “Judeo-Christian ethic” or ethos of self-sacrifice is involved. No horrific and ghastly altruism or selflessness. Because the fact is when you sacrifice your Sacred Self you destroy everyone on Earth! Too bad all the philosophers since Jesus have misunderstood this. The Superbowl has nothing to do with any of that individual-destroying rubbish, thank Zeus and Wotan. The only thing on display there is social cooperation for mutual profit, right next to aspirations for PERSONAL GREATNESS.

I was mostly rooting for a good game: an excellent athletic display, and a dynamic, heroic struggle. The reason-inventing Greeks called this an agon. I was rooting for longtime-great Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos) and outspoken, indomitable Richard Sherman (Seattle Seahawks).   

I think it’s interesting that the home states of both of these teams (Colorado and Washington) are the ONLY states out of 50 which have recently legalized marijuana. Maybe the karma of being slightly pro-freedom in our evil tyranny-loving world reflected back upon the football cities of Denver and Seattle, and then helped propel their relatively civilized fans and teams into the Superbowl.


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