Income Equality

American President Barack Obama, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and many other high political ignoramuses and lowlifes, have recently spent a lot of time talking about income inequality. But they ought to be talking about income JUSTICE. Or, at the least, income RAISES. Both of these are best achieved via laissez-faire capitalism or libertarianism or FREEDOM. The key point here is to finally and at long last get the gov’t to STOP fucking over the economy, and making everyone hideously poor thru Welfare Statist stupidity and depravity.

In our current conservative/progressive world of infinite lack of political knowledge — dominated by Keynesian, socialist dolts and devils like Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman — the only solution people have to the supposed problem of wage inequality is REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH. In other words, Marxist-based ROBBERY. Evidently, in today’s Dark Age era, theft isn’t theft so long as: 1) the gov’t does it 2) for do-gooder reasons 3) via democracy. Nice! The greatest geniuses and saints at Harvard, Sanford, and Oxford all beleive this, here on The Planet Of The Apes. And if I was a hideous reptilian insect creature who thought with his sphincter, maybe I would think that too!

But I’m not and I don’t. Unlike the rest of you hopeless nightmare deviants, I have both a mind and a character. Read it and weep, vermin!

The simple reality is the growth of the middle class and the consequent diminution of income equality, ever since the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s, couldn’t go on forever. Probably the current situation of growing wealth inequality — ever since the 1970s or so in the West — is both NATURAL and FAIR. Maybe we all now increasingly live in an Age of Specialization whereby those of high skills get relatively better rewarded than before, and those of virtually NO skills, who don’t really use their brain on their job, now no longer get the cushy-type, union-type, fat salaries of the past, while mindlessly installing a single lug nut on the left rear wheel of a car at an automobile factory. That never made sense anyway!

However that may be, people today need to REJECT the evil social and political ideals of egalitarianism and democracy in favor of the far nobler goals of wealth and progress, as well as of liberty and justice for all.

Playing Robin Hood, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and redistributing the wealth isn’t the answer, folks! Coercive collectivism and self-sacrificial communism aren’t proper social and political ideals, you filthy, wretched, tyranny-loving, slavery-deserving, subhuman jackasses!


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