Evil Stupid ObamaCare

Why the hell do they call it the “Affordable Care Act”? How the fuck can the gov’t add tons of layers of bureaucracy and red tape to medical care and then think it’ll be more affordable? How can our semi-commie gov’t add infinite rules and regulations to the health system without it then becoming far more inefficient and expensive? The fact is, the more Big Brother takes over, the more ObamaCare doctoring will become like the Post Office and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Everybody fucking knows that!

Once Leviathan takes over completely, it’ll be like the Soviet Union. Health care costs will go way UP, and medical quality will go way DOWN. People will get sick and die in droves. But evil, stupid Welfare State-loving Americans — who vote 99% for Republicans and Democrats, and only 1% for Libertarians — really DESERVE this upcoming horror. So DIE all you liberty-hating, slavery-loving bastards. Die, die, DIE!


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