Black Devils

Blacks are stupid and evil. Their IQ and education levels are remarkably low, while their level of crime is shockingly high. They love political tyranny and slavery far more than any other group on earth. And they generally ruin every block, neighborhood, city, and country they take over.

And they’re appallingly and sickeningly bigoted, to boot. Their racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-semitism FAR exceeds that of whites, yellows, browns, etc. And they have the raw-bone nerve to constantly complain about bigotry against THEM!

But whites are virtually all cowardly worms and lying insects who never mention this gigantic problem. So to all you verminous white Uncle Thomases out there, I say: You DESERVE to have your quality of life radically lowered by the hordes of dumb, slimy, biased jungle-bunnies you allow in your communities. So stop whining about the “barbarians at the gate” and “gorillas in the midst.”

(p.s. The above comment got me BANNED from Facebook yesterday! What can I say to all you 1.3 billion Facebook users and fans out there but a vigorous and heartfelt FUCK YOU ALL!)


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