Gen. Fury
raised in Kansas City; now living in Gotham City

Bio: Smarter and better than all of you! I'm the strongest and most important thinker on the planet. And I have more integrity than god. I consider you all to be hopeless ignorant vermin, fit only for enslavement or extermination. Nevertheless, you are NOT fit to meekly serve me -- nor even to be within 1000 miles of my physical presence. So don't get your hopes up, slaveboys. --Gen. Fury; UFP; Tau Ceti Division; ~current Earth mission: conquest and extermination~. (For the record, I expect to remain anonymous on this blog in the same sense that a beauty queen walking naked in Times Square expects to not draw a second glance.)

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2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks, Matt! I’m the unchallenged KING of misanthropy and anti-social loathing. All my life I’ve been virulently and incomprehensibly hated by my fellow man, who seems SO inferior to me in character and philosophy. For the first time in my life, on this blog, I’m counterattacking. I’m very hyperbolic: I write with overweening confidence and aggression. But my GOAL is to never say an untrue or unjust word.

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