Minimum Wage Monsters

Minimum wage laws are acts of TYRANNY. They tell the worker that he can’t work where he wants, and the owner can’t hire who he wants, because of some depraved, fatuous, “do-gooder” law. This is the ENSLAVEMENT of both.

Minimum wage laws tell the laborer and boss that they can’t negotiate wages freely — Big Brother is going to forcibly butt in. All good-hearted, sweet-tempered, kindly folk with soft smiles and gentle manners who favor minimum wage laws need to be lined up against the nearest wall and then ruthlessly machine-gunned until their brains are spattered all over that wall. Maybe THEN they’ll be able to think coherently and rationally about this political issue.

It’s outrageous that we’re all still seriously considering and debating this issue. Along with rent-control laws, which are also tyranny, this paycheck-raising phenomenon should have been intellectually crushed at least 50 years ago. At the least, people need to read chapter 19 of Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt (1978; available here free:

How absurd that people today think they can legislate prosperity. How pathetic and bizarre that people today think the gov’t can pass a law and make everyone rich. Gov’t, by definition, can only DESTROY wealth — not create it. Gov’t, buy its nature, can only DEPRESS the economy — not stimulate it. The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of mankind today is considerable.

Are people so irrational today in our current philosophical and cultural Dark Age that they think gov’t can pass a job-killing, money-burning law like this, and thus amend and improve upon the laws of economics? Do the vapid sheeple and decadent drones of today ALSO think Big Gov’t can repeal the laws of physics? Just how stupid and slimy ARE you people?